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trailer ride?

Gwen Dluehosh (dluehosh@vt.edu)
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 20:07:26 +0500

HI everyone...
I am looking at maybe getting a mare from Oregon, and would need to get her
to VA with as little trauma as possible- and was wondering if anyone out
there might be able to help- even if it's in stages. That might even be
better. There are some double and triple Fadjur mares going up for sale and
since my stallion is a double Fad I am interested in getting one of these
beauties. However, the mare may not be int eh best of shape but does know
how to trailer well. There is also a nice Babson mare out there as well with
some Fad and some Crabbet mixed in if anyone's interested. These horses ARE
from a divorce and will be going ot meat market if not sold from what I
hear- through auction. They are not in the best of shape, but I think are
not neglected, just not in fat show shape.
Thanks... oh- time frame is open...Heck- has anybody seen Teddy Lancaster?
She's supposed to be out that way till mid March isn't she?
Gwen Dluehosh
Desert Storm Arabians
1156 Hightop Rd, #89
Blacksburg, VA 24060

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