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Re: Lunging

Joanne Alderman (jalderman@juno.com)
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 18:57:35 EST

Just be SURE you have TWO HANDS on the line at all times! They're
sticklers about that!


On Tue, 25 Feb 1997 08:22:40 -0600 Ruth Bourgeois <ruthb@tdsi.net>
>videoman@netcom.com wrote:
>> Question for all you pros out there! While I'm training up my horse
>> his first NATRC ride.
>> I'm teaching him to trot in hand, go out on a lunge circle on
>> halt, reverse, trot on. Here's the questions. How do I hold the
>I cut a longe line down to a workable size and use this only for NATRC
>ride check-ins, not for regular longing work. It's about half as long
>it was to start with. Then I don't have excess line to worry about. I
>have a knot tied at the end of the line. I also use a short whip to
>signal my horse with, holding it in the hand with the end of the line
>(at the knot). Then I have a minimal amount of "stuff" in my hands to
>keep track of as I'm longing. After the horse has circled one
>direction, I say whoe and ask her to stop, tell her to turn, and as
>does this I reach up with the hand holding the whip, grasp the line
>the other hand is holding and switch hands on the line by sliding the
>other hand down the line, taking the whip in the other hand also as I
>this. It's not that hard to do, providing, of course, that the horse
>knows to stop and turn when you ask it to, and you're not fighting
>the horse to get it slowed down. I found that using a full length
>line and full sized longe whip is too much to keep track of. I've
>dropped the line, gotten the whip wrapped around my ankles, etc. Very
>embarrassing! By shortening up the line and whip, it's much easier to
>handle. Then all you have to do is practice this until it's
>I force myself to practice this at home when longing for exercise as
>well, using a full longe line and full sized whip, which is a lot
>harder, but good practice because then when I do it at a ride with my
>shortened equipment, it's that much easier. When using full sized
>I coil it into loops that I let out gradually to avoid getting tangled
>up in, and when stopping and turning the horse, re-loop it a couple
>times to pick up excess line as the horse turns.

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