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(Re: Unidentified subject!(Vet techs & HRM's)

wood.cameron (wood.cameron@acd.net)
Tue, 18 Feb 97 20:29:42 PST

> everyone should learn how to take their horses pulse, but it doesn't
> require a monitor!
> Loved the Sack o Matic & George of the Jungle stories. Sounds like George
> needs a Safety Pen.
> While teething, my colt Spunky got in the habit of sticking his tongue out
> & clamping down to sooth his gums. He looked so funny we'd always laugh &
> grab it. Now whenever he misbehaves he just sticks his tongue out to make
> forgive him! He also does it on command!
> Another way to introduce vet students to rides is for rides near vet
> to arrange for them to work the ride with the ride vets. Several OCER
> have done this. Even pre-vet students are excellent propects for P&R
> etc. Nancy.

Nancy, (and others)
Don't forget us Vet techs! We have a lot of training, and I for one
enjoy volunteering at P/R checks (when I'm not riding!)
HURRAH for everyone who agrees that HRM's are a TOOL...not the word of
Shannon Weston L.V.T.
Shalom B' Yaled & Khomytt
Laingsburg, MI

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