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Mon, 17 Feb 1997 01:08:02 -0500 (EST)

Remember riders.. ALL that is ALL, the HORSE HRMs are made from adapting the
HRM to the horse.. The componets come from many sources.. Polar, Sensor
Dynamics and a few others,
However NOT ALL Human HRM will work with the horse. Only a few.

The Human HRM companies DO NOT mfgr EQUINE HRMs.

Companies like us buy the componets and have the leads and electrodes made.

Our leads for the V-MAX are not your ordinary ekg or copper wires. WE
researched the measurement and transmission of the EKG pulse, and developed a
unique type of lead that does not alter the signal or cause noise either in
the conductor or the insulation. These leads are made ONLY for the V-MAX. It
is a propriety product.

Our electrodes are also unique. Special design with high conductivity.

This is what makes the V- MAX different ..

V-MAX : often copied BUT NEVER dupilcated.

All V-MAX models come with a Human Chestbelt and
a very detailed User-Guide-training Manual.

Roger R

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