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Sun, 16 Feb 1997 23:59:35 -0500 (EST)

Subj: GPS
Date: 02/15/97
To: navion@lsbsdi2.lightspeed.net

Hi Jim
and anyone else who wants more info on these GPS units.
I call Garmin. The sales person recommended the new GPS12XL.

NOW ..I called some retail shops around her, all very high LIST prices. NO

I found a boat equipment catalog, Overtons.

GPS12XL $249
GPS45XL $269

If the 12 is better? uses more satellites why is it less? Also stores less

I am getting the mfgr info packages on all of them. However they did
recommend the 12xl for what I plan on doing with it.

Does anyone know of a place to get them at a lower price.
Jim you mentioned a mail order boat supply company. The local number is
wrong. Do you have the 800 nr.
Any other suppliers.?
How about Bob Morris? Are there better units then Garmin? Even if they cost
Any units in the range up to $400 would be considered.

Oh yes.. just what does this have to do with ENDURNACE..??
AS a future RIDE Manager of the ride from our farm .. I would like to offer a
well measured trail.. without walking the whole thing with a wheel. That's
NOT going to happen (walking 50 miles). Cannot use an ATV, ride is in the Fed

Also IF the LOW cost units (under $300) will work well, then riders may want
to get them to measure the distances they THINK they are riding while
Has to be better then ANY pedometer, right?

A new market? for more techie stuff? Hehehe.

Roger R

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