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Re: Crewless Riders

Fri, 14 Feb 1997 19:21:11 -0500 (EST)

Loop rides are great for us that ride w/o a crew.

On the one long loop ride with all the checks out on trail, I go calvary
style. If I know it is a continous loop, I train with all the junk on the
saddle for the horse and me for about a month before the ride.
I carry food for me, dry drink mixes, food for horse-grains only. It is a
major task to plan this so you only carry what you both need.

I have not yet have had the thrill of doing a 100 miler without a crew, but I
am planning on it.

The 50 miles are rough enough. I get into a vet check, look for a USED hay
pile or grass. ASK those around IF the rider is gone. Look for local
water-creeks, water provided by mgmt etc.. I will use others water --IF the
riders are gone and the crew says its ok. I also BEG for help IF things are
going bad.. ie OD50 this past year.

We do ok, dont go fast so we get the left overs at the checks. I NEVER let
her eat some one elses grain-feed, only HAY.

I do try to do as much for myself as I can. It's TRAINING under fire for the
OD100 CALVARY try.. We WILL do it sometime.

Loops vet check rides are nice, but you know really know you did an endurance
ride when you go it alone..no help.. very much a real rush.

Roger R

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