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Re: pain relief

Fri, 14 Feb 1997 14:27:39 PST

>So...what are your secret remedies and techniques for waking up on
>and feeling like you haven't even ridden? :-)
>Tina - if you can make me believe that will happen, I've got a bridge
>you to look at <g>

I, being of the middle-aged generation of endurance riders, have had need
to work on this problem. Over the past couple of years, I've come up
with a couple solutions:

1) By far the simplest solution. but one with potential dangerous side
effects is:
Take ONE 200 mg ibuprophen tablet BEFORE you mount up to ride.
That one tablet is good for the whole ride for me and I feel fine
the next day.

This works great to prevent pain, but the possible side effects are
KIDNEY damage and maybe others. Eventhough this is a very low dose, I
was not willing to take the repeated risk so I searchec for some
alternative prevention.


2) This is my own natural solution:
a) Take a superior quality multiple vitamin and mineral supplements
and take Ester-C regularly.
b) Make sure you take them the night before and the morning of a
c) Split the dosage up so you can take them 3x per day. (with the
good chelated types of supplements you need 3-4 tabs/day so this is easy
to do)
d) Take a natural trace mineral supplement at every vet check.
e) Take an herbal supplement containing yucca before the ride and
at each vet check (something like Barley Green-- there are others)
f) Take human athletic e-lytes as needed -- (this group has
discussed those before)

This costs more and is infinately more complicated and it may cause just
as much kidney damage as the ibuprophen (WHO KNOWS). But, it works for

PS-- I think it was either Roger of Truman who suggested DMG to clear or
prevent the LA buildup (which is what you are feeling).

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