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Helmet Rules

Barbara Madill (WFMADILL.FMF@worldnet.att.net)
Fri, 14 Feb 1997 09:18:33 +0000

On Wednesday, February 05, 1997 3:57 PM you wrote:

>the children will do what they SEE the leaders in this sport doing<

The leaders of Endurance riding have been wearing helmets since the 1960's.
Maggy Price started wearing her inimitably decorated lineman's "hard hat"
in 1969.

While not a leader in the sport at that time nor since, I decided that her
hat looked a lot lighter than the hunt cap I'd been wearing and procured and
decorated a hard hat of my own. The first time I used it on a ride, an
overflying bird added a decoration of its own!!

My husband decreed "No Hat, No Horse" as one of the conditions under which I
got my first horse in 1962.

While I agree everyone has the right to be foolish about their own body, I
would prefer it be arranged that my insurance rates not reflect the results.

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