ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Rules of the Road

Re: Rules of the Road

Reynolds, Nikki (jakar@aiinc.com)
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 16:48:14 -0800

Something else no one has mentioned yet, is riding on roadsides at dawn
or dusk. I make sure Jakar and I are facing traffic if we're riding
into the sun at either of these times. I didn't see a rider while
driving my own car at dusk one evening and though I didn't hit her, I
wasn't able to move over a safe distance in time. I've also had
surprised people swing their heads in my direction just after dark.
Drivers just don't expect you to be out riding once it gets even a
little dark.
As for the weeds on the roadside. I went to my neighboring farm and
asked if he'd mow the side of the road along his property so I could
safely ride there and he's done it every year now. I have to ride 2.5
miles down the side of the road to get to my riding areas, and I've made
my own trail through frequent use as well. I go out with a garbage bag
every so often and clean up after the pigs. If I'm on my little
roadside trail and see a potentially dangerous item, it goes up against
the fence until my next cleanup. ~Nikki~

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