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Rules of the Road

Kathy Shank (kathy.shank@juno.com)
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 19:49:59 EST

To get to a rail-to-trail from the barn where I board my horse I have to
go 3/4 mile down a road. Up to now I have always ridden my horse (at a
walk) down this stretch. Today I decided I may as well just lead him
down the road, as I'm sure I could use the exercise more than he could.
(After two babies, things just aren't the way they used to be.) Here is
my question: It is my understanding that I (on horseback) have the
right-of-way regarding oncoming traffic, as long as I am riding on the
correct side (right side) of the road in the direction of traffic. What
happens if I am dismounted & leading the horse? Do I still have the
right-of-way, or am I now expected to get off the road onto the shoulder
somewhere? In some places there really isn't enough room on the
shoulder, and I generally don't ride there anyway because I never know
what broken glass or bits of metal may be hidden there. Does anyone know
whether or not I lose the right-of-way once I dismount?

Kathy & "Shane"
Camp Hill, PA

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