ridecamp@endurance.net: which helmet?

which helmet?

louie (louie@mr_gateway.gomontana.com)
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 07:49:07 -0700

<x-fontsize><param>9</param>Okay all you helmet heads. I've read all the d=
iscussion about helmets and come to the conclusion I hate mine. I know it'=
s important, though. In fact, the ladies I ride with refuse to ride with he=
lmet-less riders. They've gotten me in the habit, at least most of the time=

However, I think I'd do better with cultivating the helmet habit if I had a=
more comfortable one.=20

Currently, my despised helmet is a Lexington, the kind with the small holes=
located near the crown, that have very little heat release properties. I t=
end to overheat in helmets despite drinking lots of water. I also tend to g=
et headaches from too tight hats.=20

What have people on the list found to be the best helmets? Which are the co=
olest? I was not satisfied at all with the cooling scarves or inserts. Whic=
h are the lightest? Which stay put the best?=20

I'm particularly interested in the Lid-Locker. Does it have a chin strap, o=
r what?

Help would be appreciated.=20


Bozeman, MT


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