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<< Does anyone know
whether or not I lose the right-of-way once I dismount?


Each state has it's own laws..I live in Ohio and it is ON THE BOOKS that a
car is not to even pass a horse/person..ridden or lead...without ..well read
for yourself:

Section 4549.01

General Assembly: 100

Bill Number: House Bill 1

Effective Date: 10-1-53

No person while operating a motor vehicle shall fail to slow down
and stop said vehicle when signalled to do so upon meeting or
overtaking a horse-drawn vehicle or person on horseback and to
remain stationary until such vehicle or person has passed, provided
such signal to stop is given in good faith, under circumstances of
necessity, and only as often and for such length of time as is
required for such vehicle or person to pass, whether it is
approaching from the front or rear.

I found this using my browser under state laws, maybe there is a site for Pa.


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