ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Drag Riding for Free??

Re: Drag Riding for Free??

Lucy Chaplin Trumbull (elsie@calweb.com)
Fri, 07 Feb 1997 17:38:17 -0800

> We've tried letting people drag ride/enter for free. The problem was,
> when you have over 100 riders, and a full 50 miles to do in 12 hours,
> you inevitably get about 5 people who fail to make it in the alloted
> time. Since the drag rider has to stay behind all the riders, the
> drag rider didn't get a completion either.

I didn't think drag riders cared whether they got a completion or not?

I thought that was the point of drag riding? You did just portions of the
trail, at a slow pace, and picked up the bits left behind (be they ribbons,
markers, heart monitors, easyboots, people, horses, etc...). Why would they
care about completions?

I remember reading Karen's post about drag riding at night and
thought "coo, that sounds more fun than actually doing the race..."
If only I had a horse I could do it on... anyone with a spare horse
in No. Cal who wants some company drag riding? <grin>

Lucy Chaplin Trumbull - elsie@calweb.com
Displaced English person in Sacramento, CA 

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