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Re: advice on feeding electrolytes

Fri, 7 Feb 1997 01:41:36 -0500 (EST)

Hi Grace
Corn and oats is a fine diet..we have been feeding taht for about 10 years.
Addressed this issue many times. Control the weight and amount of energy by
the amount ..weight of corn to oats..
might look into beet pulp also lots of fiber and high in Ca ..to offsrt the
Phos in the grains..
also rice bran has been addressed..

Electrolytes.. see archives.. I address this monthy.. the home mixes are not
good they are made from rocks.. Ca Carboinate and Mag-oxide.. cannot be
absorbed in the gut for hours to days. They actually un-balance the
horse..tests at ROC Tevis and other races prove this point.
spend the money and get a properly formulated product.. read labels.. Ca
citrate or acetate.. mag same.. cost more..
look at ENDURALYTES or LITES both same developed by Dr JEannie Waldron..
and PERFORM and WIN b Buckeye Feed. There are others.. but not your feed
store $5 for 10lbs stuff.. Vita Flex makes a good one also

crass ad-- we carry ENDURALYTES at $5 lb by the lb
and PERF and WIN 4.75lb for $25

Running Bear Farm carries Perf/Win too..
the correct stuff cost more.

I mix a dose with a bit of water and applesauce.. then load up a large
irriagtion syringe and put it inthe horses mouth..
pre-load before and event ...ref the Blood Test for Tevis this year..
feed /dose at all vet checks and even in-between ..if it is very hot and
humid like we get in the east.
since you are in ny..and if you ride ectra ctr and aerc .. you wont have to
be concerned about free use of dosing your horse with a sryinge..

Roger R

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