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Re: Helmet

Susan F. Evans (suendavid@worldnet.att.net)
Wed, 05 Feb 1997 20:34:48 -0800

> How about this? We have always felt that if an adult chooses not to wear a
> helmet - whether on a horse or a motorcycle or whatever - he or she should
> have the right to do so. Accordingly, any party who could in any way be held
> liable for any injury would then be free of any obligation, including but not
> limited to, Medicare, private insurance (unless an additional rider for this
> purpose in purchased), ride management, or whoever. Along with the rights
> come the responsibilities, and this to us is fair and judicious.

Just wanted to throw in the comment that because I ride alone, in Nat'l
forest trails, usually far off the beaten track, I ride with a helmet,
carrying a small survival kit, etc. I run into the forest rangers on a
fairly regular basis and have heard comments on at least three occasions
that they wish more "pleasure" riders would wear helmets, that they've
had to rescue over the years many, many riders that were injured more
seriously than necessary because of no helmet, including a number of
fatalities (we have alot of high cliffs and deep canyons around here).

Not passing on any judgments on anyone's decisions, just throwing in
what I heard from the rangers.

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