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Re: Desensatizing (or sacking out)

Jacqueline Mansfield (jaxson@leopard.com)
Thu, 06 Feb 1997 11:30:35 -0700

First I just wanted to say thank you for all the thoughts on desensitizing
(aka sacking out). I really appreciate all the thoughts, from all points of
view, on working with my horse while he is eating in his stall (that opens
up to a large run). I am going to try feeding him from a variety of
different plastic and paper bags.
Just to give you an update, I worked with Winza again today (while he was
eating, in his stall - yes I ignored the posts telling me not to do so). He
completely ignored me when I rubbed the bag on him, didn't move but perked
his ears when I shook the bag above him and was scared at first but after a
few minutes accepted the bag shaking around his head. He even stuck his
head into the bag up past his eyes once! It was very cute.
I guess what I learned from this is that there is a lot of wonderful
advice that I can learn from but in the end no one knows my horse better
than me (or with any horse better than the owner) and every horse is
different. What I am doing is working so far so I will keep on doind the same.
Thank you again!


Author owned by Winza, 13 year old Crabbet Arabian gelding

I used to dream of owning a flashy chesnut or bright bay, perhaps even a
shining black, but when my perfect horse came in a never-to-be-clean
white... I shrugged and realized the meaning of "A good horse is never a
bad color".

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