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Re: Knee pads?

robyn burgess (rburgess@slonet.org)
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 09:49:23 -0800 (PST)

>I had a serious knee operation a few years ago, but my knee is still my
>point. I tried to wear kneepads (and a brace) during horse riding, but I=
>it very disturbing. After a period of time it begins to irritate especially=
>the hollow of my knee.
>Last year I wasn=B4t able to ride due to my knee injury, but I just bought=
>another saddle (Orthoflex, endurance cutback) to give my knee more support=
>I trie to do my knee exercises on a regular base to strenghten the muscles.=
>hope that will prevent me for riding with knee pads, otherwise I don=B4t=
think I=20
>would be able to ride longer endurance rides. If anyone has other=
>please let me know!

Hi Niset,
Along with your new saddle you may want to try some wider based stirrups
(E-Z Ride is what I have). They really seem to help. Also seriously
keeping up with your exercises for the quad and hamstring muscles (walking
backwards is an excellent exercise for your hamstring muscles!).
I currently ride with a torn ACL (75% torn from the bone, the other 25% is
stretched beyond use). I ride with a brace perscribed by the Orthopedist.
We tried several different ones before finding the one that works. We had
to find one that helped with the pain at the time, one that gave the joint
some stability when I got off my horse, one that didn't get caught on my
saddle, and most of all - one that I could RIDE in. But we did find one.
Imagine the look on the Doc's face when I told him, "this one works, if I
take this piece of hardware off!" So if the brace you used before didn't
work, ask your orthopedist about it. Be sure he/she understands what "type"
of riding you want to do. =20

Not everything will work the same for each person. For me, keeping the
muscles strong seems to be the key for now. Since I've elected to wait on
the reattatchment surgery. My horse and I just completed our first 50 at
Fire Mt last month. (After 3 years of LD and nursing this knee along.) I
ride using alot of upper and lower leg muscle so that I don't have to have
stress on my knee. =20

Just like starting a young horse, take it slow. Don't push for too much,
work up slowly to where you want to be.

Persistance and Pain killers help too!

Good Luck to you!
Robyn Burgess and Tauseyn of Pico
Atascadero, CA=20

Who alls going to 20 Mule Team??? =20

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