ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Knee pads?

Re: Knee pads?

Ramey Peticolas-Stroud (ramey@wvi.com)
Fri, 07 Feb 1997 09:09:28 +0000

Hi Robin,

Sorry to hear about your torn ACL, but not to worry. Mine is totally
gone. You should have seen the MRI tech when he couldn't find it... I
blew it out doing ultras and competitive skiing. I have to work-out
every day, which allows me to continue to run and ride. But if I miss a
day or two, then its pain-city. However, I skip the pain killers, just
focus on persistance.

I do not use a brace of any sort. My goal is to use muscle development
to stabilize the knee. Then stong emphasis on Centered Riding to avoid
excess lower-leg tension and locked-hip joints. Same with the running,
good technique and pay attention. The program works well and I was able
to do over 1,000 miles last year.

We'll have four horses/riders at 20 Mule Team. See you there!


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