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Re: Falling off

Reynolds, Nikki (jakar@aiinc.com)
Tue, 04 Feb 1997 05:25:50 -0800

Kathy Roberts wrote:
> Don't feel bad Jacqueline. I lived my worst fear today which is
> having my horse fall when I'm on his back...

Hi Kathy,
Your story sure brings back memories. My horse fell with me at a
canter on the first loop of a ride once. He hit the edge of an icy
puddle and down we went. I can still see the sagebrush rushing up to
meet me in my mind's eye. I ended up with a sprained ankle, but
finished the ride with the help of a couple aspirin.
The other bad fall, (I've had several), happened when I was working a
colt out in the desert. We were doing a downward transition from trot
to walk on the way home. He decided to give me a little bit of a hard
time by resisting, and the next thing I knew, I was launching myself
away because he was going to flip over on top of me! He did catch both
my legs with the cantle and I was bruised a bit, but no real damage. I
later sold that gelding because he just wasn't the athletic type, and he
fell with someone else, breaking his own leg in the process and had to
be destroyed.
The funniest fall happened on a steep downgrade in the Sierras. We
were mincing our way down an icy trail and I had taken my uphill foot
out of the stirrup just in case. Suddenly, my horse went out from under
me slick as you please. My friend said it looked like I just stepped
off. I ended that trick with the reins in my hand watching my horse
regain his feet.
Falls happen to all of us, but that's the price we pay for the many
good memories that horseback riding brings to us. By the way, I don't
mount any horse without a helmet!! I broke one of those falling on my
head. Hmmm....maybe THAT'S what wrong with me!! ~Nikki~

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