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Re: High Suspensory Stretch-Rx?

Bonnie Snodgrass (snodgrab@ncr.disa.mil)
Tue, 04 Feb 97 07:00:42 EST

When I lived on Oahu my big TB gelding hurt a branch of his left fore
suspensory. This was his only crooked leg, he toed out with this foot
and he strained the inner branch (inside of the fetlock pastern). My
regular vet prescribed a short time in a stall then return to his
small paddock with another couple weeks off then return to work. Well
the problem kept cropping up again. Never real bad. Then he dumped me
out in the surgar cane feilds and ran a couple of miles through deep
plow. When I found him he was on three legs. Fortunately for me my
regular vet had been injured by a horse and she had brought another
vet over from CA to help. He had worked the TB tracks in CA and had
leg/lameness background. He said when this horse was first hurt he
should have been stuck in a stall for a lot longer then handwalked for
a long time then put into a very small, non-slippery turn-out while
worked under saddle at a walk. So anyway, M'Larkey was put in a stall
for two months, stalled with hand walking (in a lip chain!) for a
month then finally given access to a 16x36' corral with a non-dirt
surface. It was a bitch. He and I hated it, but he healed right and
has stayed sound since.

Ultrasounding is such a marvelous tool and should be used several
times to check the healing progress. Wish I had it available back

Good Luck

Bonnie Snodgrass

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Subject: High Suspensory Stretch-Rx?
Author: ridecamp@endurance.net at smtp
Date: 2/3/97 9:21 PM

A month ago I did an LD ride at Lake City where half the trails were under
water min knee height, max billet level. When we pre-ride vetted in, the
vet noted a grade 1 lameness on his left front which had disappeared by
the next vet checks. Didn't think too much of the marks at the time.

This past weekend we travelled 8 hr to Ocala for the Far Out Forrest Ride
and was pre-ride vetted by a very knowledgeable vet, Dr Frazier. He
graded Sabian's left front at a 2. This got my attention.

Dr Frazier said he was sore by palpation at his high suspensory ligament
and had a slight head bob occasionally at the trot to his left. He
recommended rest and a change in front shoes from polo shoes to egg bar
shoes for more support under the heel.

My vet will be doing an ultrasound next Tues to see what it shows. Until
then, it's stall rest and hand walking for the big boy.

Any experiences and treatments that have been effective for this
condition I would really appreciate reading about. I want to get my guy
100% healthy again whatever that takes.

Thanks in advance!:)

Susan & Sabian (who doesn't understand why he had to stay in his corral
while everyone else went out to ride in Ocala:()

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