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Re: High Suspensory Stretch-Rx?

Tue, 4 Feb 1997 19:05:45 -0500

Prologue: Paul Fitzgerald, IBM Healthcare Solutions
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Email: paulfitz@au1.ibm.com
Mobile: 0412 792 375
Epilogue: Paul.

My wife's horse Rocky, injured a suspensory about three years ago. He did it
on a marathon (320 Kilometres), and had to be nursed through. He showed no
lameness, pain or any other symptom other than a small swelling above the
He was xrayed, ultrasounded, and the diagnosis was confirmed. At the time,
Caroline was devestated that her horse was finished in endurance.
The vet advice was to give him time and he MAY be OK.

We gave him 10 months off work, and then brought him back slowly. Last year,
Rocky won or placed in almost every ride (80km) and won several best
conditioned. He placed fourth in the Tom Quilty 100 miler, and won/BC the
Queensland State Championships.

I guess the message is, give it lots of time and then build back up slowly, and
you may be ok.

Good luck.

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