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Re: Everyone falls off once in a while

Ruth Bourgeois (ruthb@tdsi.net)
Mon, 03 Feb 1997 22:50:02 -0600

Speaking of landing on your feet... my most impressive departure from my
horse (to date) happened when I was riding my lovely little mare (the
alpha one!), out on a rails-to-trails trail, with lots of tempting grass
along the edges. If there's one thing that another horse is not allowed
to do, that is to get too close to this mare when she's eating. Well,
she put her head down to grab a bite of that tempting grass as we were
moseying along, and my friend's horse walked right into her. She started
kicking at that poor gelding, and with her head still down trying to
grab mouthfulls of grass, she kicked so hard she threw me up out of the
saddle, over her head, and somehow I ended up beside her left shoulder,
facing her tail, on my feet. It happened so fast that I was speechless.
My friends were just staring, their eyes big as saucers, and all they
said was "did you see that?!" Needless to say, my horse got reprimanded
for being such a pig, my friend has been careful not to ride her horse
too close to my mare's back end again, and I still haven't figured out
how I landed on my feet. For someone that totally lacks coordination at
times, this had to be my most impressive dismount ever.
Ruth B

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