ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Everyone falls off once in a while, right?

Re: Everyone falls off once in a while, right?

Rebecca Hackworth (bechack@cnsii.com)
Mon, 3 Feb 1997 21:52:19 -0800

Does anyone else have stories of landing on their feet (or close there
>after) before they even knew what was happening?
Well, it just so happens, that at the new Warner Springs ride in SW, I was
reaching down to my left stirrup to un-stick my foot. It had gotten wedged
in and I couldn't shake it loose, no matter what.

Well, I got my foot un-stuck ( all while trotting down the trail, mind you )
and just continued on down to the ground! I couldn't beleive I was there!

I popped back up before I had even landed, and Gina was still trotting down
the trail like nothing had happened. Well, I began trotting AFTER HER,
shouting Gina, GINA, GINA! HOOOOW! At that, she stopped, turned around
looking supprised, looking for al the while as if to say " what are you
doing back there!" and TROTS BACK TO ME! Good Horse. I jump back on and
down the trail we go. Only my neck was stiff the next day.

Becky Hackworth

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