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Re: [endurance] Orally Dependent Arabian

lee clark (laclark@unm.edu)
Mon, 12 Aug 1996 11:37:50 -0600 (MDT)

On Fri, 9 Aug 1996, Bonnie Snodgrass wrote:

> pleased with how he's coming along, you may have heard me brag about
> him. He's very bright, sensible, sturdy, doing trails alone very
> nicely. He has however got one frustrating habit. He wants to be
> constantly in contact with you with his head and mouth if you are
> working anywhere around him (on the ground). I have dealt with typical
> biters/nippers with success but this is different. He craves close
> proximity to me and either part of me or something in his mouth! I
> have to work constantly to get him to lead with a little distance
> between us rather than pressed against me. He constantly touches,
> bumps or lips with his mouth. He seems to "need" this mouth contact as
> a security thing? He craves attention and reacts with startled
> confusion if "corrected" sharply then comes right back.
> Bonnie Snodgrass
Hi Bonnie,
This is a very interesting topic for me. My gelding, when he is
feeling particularly friendly, sticks his tongue out and presses it
against my arm/shoulder/chest, whatever he can reach. He never tries to
bite me, just wants that tongue on my body. He also likes me to stroke
his tongue. He's usually a pretty grumpy guy, so I know when that tongue
comes out he's feeling loving.

Lee Clark>