ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Re: corns/heel bruises

[endurance] Re: corns/heel bruises

Karen Chaton (karen@chaton.gardnerville.nv.us)
Mon, 12 Aug 1996 11:16:35 -0700 (PDT)

>A friend of mine has an Arabian gelding that is very
>prone to corns (heel bruises) on the front feet. He's
>tried wedge pads and Equithotics shoes, but nothing
>seems to prevent their development. The more the horse
>is ridden, the worse they get, but he also has some
>evidence of the bruising after winter turn-out.
>Any similar experiences out there? Any suggestions?

Hi Steph:

My horse has/had this problem too. The new farrier has brought his feet a
long way and the problem isn't nearly as bad as it was a year ago. Does
your friend have a really good farrier? I have been using easy boots and
easy foam when I ride my horse at the rides. That seems to help a great
deal. I think it is much better on the horse than pads. We went from
getting pulled at the first ride of the season (heel bruise), to getting a
BC at the next ride, and two top tens, and other completions this year - and
always with the EZ boots and foam. (always wrap the heel first with vetwrap
before putting the EZ boot on - makes a big difference in protecting the
heel from the plastic strap).

My horses bruises and corns were so bad that it has been exactly 11 months
since the new farrier and his feet are still going thru periods of being
ouchy and sore, and the corns keep wanting to come back.

I have had lots of people on the list and other endurance rider friends
offer me lots of advice - to use turpentine on the bottoms of the feet,
betadine, and other misc. hoof applications. What I have found to work the
best is soaking the horses feet in warm water and epsom salts once a day for
a week at a time. (20 min.) When his feet were really bad I would soak them
two times a day.

Tell your friend good luck and to keep trying different things until he
finds what works for his horse.

in Gardnerville
& Dream Weaver
& Rocky