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[endurance] Tevis Ride '96 -- It Ain't Over Yet!!

Ortho-Flex Saddle Co., Inc. (brownsadd@earthlink.net)
Sat, 10 Aug 1996 09:53:49 -0700 (PDT)

A Statement from Len Brown
Ortho-Flex Saddle Co., Inc.

We started our Company with a mission. After living with our horses for
eight months, traveling 30 miles a day, we developed a strong bond and
respect for the horse.

What we had to tell the horse world, nobody wanted to hear, and in many
cases, they still don't.

Saddles not only do not fit, when used extensively, they don't WORK. They
are the biggest detriment to the horse industry ever devised for mans
comfort. Our quest for a saddle that works with the horse has led to a
second patent that we now build on, issued in 1996. It is patent protected
worldwide. The Ortho-Flex I was a tremendous step in saddling but still had
some limitations. Further research and development for our horse friends
developed into Ortho-Flex II that we have been using since 1993.

We have continually improved on the basic Ortho-Flex II system so we now use
shortened spring panels, no longer than a regular saddle in the rear. They
now are set up pre broken in as well.

When someone comes up with loin rubbing it is a result of a horses
hindquarters moving side to side under the rear of the saddle. Why? The
horse is overloaded on his forehand. The back fatigues quickly and the hind
legs are not built on his centerline. When he pushes with one and his back
can't stiffen, he bends his back with the thrust. All the rider has to do is
sit down in the seat or gently 1/2 post to prevent this. A regular saddle
tree with the rider overloading the forehand is impinging the freedom of
shoulder movement and pinching on the sides of the wither (trapezius) as
well. The natural reflex of the horse is to lock down his back muscles. With
the thrust from the hind leg, the back doesn't bend, the rear doesn't wiggle
and the poorest of rider is now relieved of any responsibility in learning
how to sit and move with his horse in the gait the rider demands.

We are the only saddlery that has spent millions educating their riders and
potential customers on this. We can give you thousands of testimonials, but
it can't be done by us alone. We can't ride your horse. Even Becky Hart had
severe loin rubbing early on. She ask me what caused it, I told her it was
her riding. She said she knew it needed improving and she just worked on it.
Judith Ogus said they can't get loin rubbing today even if they tried.

Moral of the story - loin rubbing in most instances is excellent saddling
and poor riding. We shortened spring panels, moved stirrup hangers back, and
have given riding lessons over the phone and in person. We can't ride your
horse for you.

If you have fluid around the spinal processes in the thorasic vertebrae,
you'd better read "Saddling for the 21st Century" it will tell you what
spondylosis is, even if your vet can't. The Ortho-Flex saddle hasn't touched
that part of your horse. He has long term damage on the inside.

If I just wanted your money, I would just tell you what you want to hear. I
don't have a lot of money, but I sleep well at night.

Thank You,
Len Brown