ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Tevis Ride '96 -- It Ain't Over Yet!!

[endurance] Tevis Ride '96 -- It Ain't Over Yet!!

Nat & Richard (trailride@foothill.net)
Fri, 09 Aug 1996 23:16:26 -0700

Well, OK. The ride is over for this year, it's true.

But there is a piece of unfinished business that all you Tevis riders,
Tevis crew, Tevis alumni, Tevis wannabe's and supporters of endurance
riding in general need to pay some attention to.

It's called "No Hands Bridge." For any of the many hundreds, if not
thousands, who have experienced or witnessed the thrill of thundering
across that old rail trestle in the wee hours under a hot summer moon,
this is a continuing issue.

If the situation weren't so sad, it would be funny. The same fed/state
agencies that were responsible for sealing the bridge off with big ugly
15' high fences finally consented to opening the bridge just long enough
for the riders to LEAD their horses across a FLOODLIT No Hands. Nearby,
at a cost to the Tevis Ride of $1200, was a portable seismograph --a
condition for allowing the brief opening of the bridge. At the least hint
of a tremor, the whole ride was to be re-routed downstream to the infamous
"cofferdam" crossing, part of the first attempt to build an Auburn Dam
(that would have, and may yet, submerge No Hands under 500 feet of water
--but that's another story).

At this point, the estimated cost of returning this irreplacable chunk of
history back into unobstructed use is a mere $180,000. A good start has
been made on raising this sum, thanks to the determined efforts of the
Western States Trail Foundation and suporters worldwide of the 100-mile
Run and the Tevis.

But now that this year's ride and run are over, contributions have started
to dry up.

> *** HERE'S THE DEAL ***

The WSTF is accepting straight donations from both private parties and

They are also offering a couple of wonderful incentives to those who would
like a visual reminder of their support...

** An 18 month pictorial calendar of "No-Hands" Bridge: each month is a
different scene, many taken from private photo archives, showing views of
the bridge from across the years. And,

** A beautiful 24" x 26" full color poster of the bridge. It's really

The calendar is US$17.75; the poster is US$25.00. Prices include tax and
Both are available from WSTF, 701 High Street, #228-C, Auburn, CA 95603
Or call (916) 823-7282 or FAX (916) 823-7901 or EMail TevisLAS@aol.com.

contributions to this 501(c)(3) organization are tax deductible.

Please contribute what you can. Help re-open No Hands Bridge.

/Nat & Richard

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