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[endurance] Words of warning

Jean Ragland (jragland@shasta-co.k12.ca.us)
Sat, 10 Aug 1996 09:56:32 -0800

Two items: Equithonics or Sneakers are indeed wonderful for non-slipping
and I saw them on Valerie's horse Cash at Equitana. Tina Hicks raved about
them. My farrier knows the guy who invented them, we are all in N.
California, but he warns against continued use on some horses. The natural
way is for the horse's foot to slide a small amount, when it doesn't there
is the danger of ringbone and other concussion problems to the bones of the
foot and leg. Also at Equitana I bought some Jalapeno Heat which is a
capsaicin cream to block some types of chronic inflamation both in humans
and for animals. I had a sore toe and put it on according to the exhibitors
directions. It was warm, then very warm, and then after a bit of walking in
socks and tennis shoes I was in total agony. If you use this medication on
your horse, like on a leg, please do not bandage it! I think the medication
is excellent, just use with a lot of caution.