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[endurance] Mystery slobber........

Thu, 8 Aug 1996 22:31:10 -0400

Several months ago I went out to check on everybody and noticed Tod, my arab
gelding, had two long slobber icicles hanging from the corners of his mouth.
My first thought was rabies. I ran to the house and made my husband go look
while I called the vet. The doctor examined him and assured me it was not
rabies, but some sort of allergic reaction. Not only was he slobbering, he
couldn't open his mouth very good and seemed to be in pain. Then Doc went
down the list......what had he ate, what grasses had he been exposed to, had
he been wormed recently etc.... All of which were normal and no different
than what any of the other six horses I own (which were fine) were exposed
to. Next, he did an oral exam to rule out a tooth problem. Teeth were fine.
He gave him a shot of Dexamethasone and something for pain. It took 24 hours
for him to return to normal. He remained on Dex powder for a few days and
seemed fine. But when that ran out he was slobbering again. I called the
vet back and he said Tod is having an allergic reaction to something and I
had to find it. So, I started with his feed. I feed him a mixture of
14%pellets, Oats, and Sweet feed. Since he is fussy, I have to put his sweet
feed on top. I went through process of elimination starting with the sweet
feed. I got lucky right off the bat. He has not slobbered since the removal
of the sweet feed. He has eaten sweet feed for as long as I have had him
which is going on 5 years. Something in that sweet feed mix does not agree
with him. I can't explain it....
What are these horses going to come up with next????????
Marsha Taylor