ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Wolverine Ride Results - Michigan

[endurance] Wolverine Ride Results - Michigan

LINDA SHERRILL (sweau@voyager.net)
Thu, 08 Aug 96 20:57:14 -0700

Beautiful day for a ride finally at Wolverine. We did have humidity and
the trail was as wonderful (and tough) as ever. Come join us next year
as we once again try to '"beat" this trail. It's a tough, but gorgeous,

100 Mile Results (Top 5 Finishers)

1. Lois McAfee Fayeks Fatima 11:15.42
2. Melissa Crain Whoa Jack 11:15.43 (Best Condition)
3. Bill Johnson Bo Diddley
4. Marilyn Horstmyer
5. Jim Rogen Beezer

50 Mile Results (Top Finishers Only)

1. Susan Harris (Best Condition)
2. Linda Hamrick Sugar Shenanigans
3. Shelley Dake Takis Rama
4. Don Caldwell Story
8. Jill Gobert
9. Becke Grams PJ Paula
10. Yvette Hinton
11. Sue Herrick Basko
12. Linda Sherrill WMF Fads Pizaz

Sorry I couldn't do a better job with the ride results, but I contacted
the ride manager to get a list of finishers-horses, etc and obviously
have gotten no reply. These were just my recollections of finishers.