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Re: [endurance] Rider Nutrition

Raina Hodgson (srponies@seanet.com)
Sat, 27 Jul 1996 22:46:55 -0700 (PDT)

At 02:42 PM 7/27/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I'd like some advice for how to calm a queasy stomach, gassy bowels and
>help with sustaining energy throughout a 50 mile ride.
i agree with some of the responses that others have written but I would skip
the steak and go for a pasta, preferably a whole grain pasta with a tomato
(not cheese) sauce. Your body probably would still be digesting that steak
during the ride :) Plan on drinking at least a gallon of water the day
before the ride and closer to 6 quarts (if you possibly can) the day of the
ride. We endurance riders spend a lot of commenting on the color of our
horses urine during a ride, we need to pay attention to our own as well.
Hard to do with an outhose but general rule of thumb... if you don't have to
go at every vet check, you're not drinking enough :)
I prefer to use a product called Ultra-Fuel over Gatorade, it
contains a complex carbohydrate sweetener instead of the simple sugars in
Gatorade. Result is longer energy, more endurance, plus it contains
electrolytes too. I have found that mixing it half and half with water in
my water bottles works well.
I also eat a power bar type thing (tiger sport bar-- cheaper and
smaller --try stuffing a half-eaten power bar back into your bag while posting)
As far as the gassy, queasy feeling, I heartily agree that a little
Pepto goes a long way.
I read an article once that said that we are almost all dehydrated
most of the time -- well at least not fully hydrated. It went on to
recommend drinking at least 3 quarts of water a day... and that is when we
are not exerting ourselves. I'd love to reread this article, but I don't
even know where it came from. If anyone has read something similar please
let me know.

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night vet visit.