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[endurance] Rider Nutrition

Sat, 27 Jul 1996 14:42:44 -0400

I'd like some advice for how to calm a queasy stomach, gassy bowels and
help with sustaining energy throughout a 50 mile ride. I got some great
ideas from Janet through Australian Connection who suggested drinking the
carbohydrade powder she sells combined with an electrolyte powder,
sucking on rock salt at vet checks, eating 1/2 a power bar every few
hours, and trying to eat a sandwich at the lunch break; also drinking as
many fluids as possible. Do any of you have additional solutions? I
find that although I think I'm in good shape, I'm exhausted for the 7-10
days following an endurance race and I'm hopeful enough to think I can
eliminate this exhaustion if I only knew how to take better care of
myself. Thanks for your solutions. Rebecca

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