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Re: [endurance] Rider Nutrition

Sat, 27 Jul 1996 18:04:06 -0400

Rebecca, a good book I bought is FIT TO FINISH written by three women
endurarists that are nutrition and exercise physiologists. I have found it
very useful. The book is written for the feeding and fitness of the RIDER.
What works
for me is high carbo meals 1-2 days before the ride and electrolyte drinks
and plenty fluids before the ride. The fatigue you feel is probably caused
by dehydration and is important as with your horse to keep well hydrated and
yes wet yourself down as well when it is hot out.

found protein foods before the ride and during upsets my stomach and is best
to avoid. Also carbonate drinks can cause problems. As far as the queasy and
gasey. That's nerves. I dread the first part of the ride. When my horse was
new to endurance he liked to crow hop the first 5 miles and was a nut case.
He has settled down now but the thought of of the hair raising starts with
him sent me to the pink hut half a dozen times before the saddle up. I found
a shot pf good 'ol peptobismal helped. Last my husband and I buy the best
electrolyte drink. They are expensive but found some good ones in bike shops
-metabolol endurance formula is made for sustained activity and TASTES GOOD.
It helps replace electrolytes and provides energy and found it to be the best
for us. Hopes this helps Linda and Egypts El Sareei from Reno