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Re: [endurance] Rider Nutrition

Rebecca Hackworth (bechack@cnsii.com)
Sat, 27 Jul 1996 20:14:29 -0700

>Date: Sat, 27 Jul 1996 13:13:03
>To: RJankovich@aol.com
>From: Becky Hackworth <bechack@cnsii.com>
>Subject: Re: [endurance] Rider Nutrition
>We start on Friday with a mega carbo loaded diet. Usual menu Friday night:
pre-packaged cesear salad, baked potatoe (baked in the micro at home and
warmed up on top of the BBQ, garlic bread, warmed up the same way, BBQ steak
porterhouse or filet. Large quantities of fluids. Any other high carbo
stuff you can get your hands on.
>Sat: EAT BREAKFAST, small, like a bowl of cereal. 1/2 cup of coffee,
instead of my usual double. Pack water and gatorade, trail mix, cashewes,
tuna sandwich, and the like. Sip on the water or gatorade every 15 or 20
>You can use "mylicon" for gas. It is over the counter. We use it for
surgical patients post-operatively for gas and it works very well. Chew up
a couple the night before, a couple in the morning, and a couple at lunch,
and that should help a lot unless you have a bean burrito for lunch.
>When you get back to camp, electrolytes and WATER. I don't think you can
OD on it. Eat carbos again. I haven't been bothered by lingering fatigue
at all, and I am a middle-heavy weight 41 year old. We often go for a ride
the next day after getting home Sat night.
>Good luck
>Becky Hackworth