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Eugenie (oogiem@dsrtweyr.com)
Thu, 25 Jul 96 09:54:26 -0700

>Does anyone know of a good book I can find on the Arabian Endurance
>bloodlines. Or even Arabian breeding history?
I don't know specifically of any books on endurance lines but what =
I've been doing is taking all the high mileage horses from the NATRC =
and AERC publications and running their pedigrees. That combined with =
my own experience led me to CMK bloodlines and more particularly the =
Maynesboro horses as my starting place. I think that there are =
specific individuals of all bloodlines that are good but IMO the CMK =
horses overall (remember all generalizations are at lest somewhat =
inaccurate <g>) have more trail/endurance/dressage ability. Then =
again, I'm biased, I breed them. <smile>

What I did was look at the horses I liked over and over for years. =
Whenever I found a horse I liked I got it's pedigree. As I looked at =
those pedigrees I found that the same animals were showing up again =
and again in their background. I then started researching these =
ancestors and tracing them forward to find other living animals who =
were descended from the core group I liked. That study is what led me =
to the purchase of my foundation animals.

As far as books go there are hundreds. You really need to be more =
specific about what you are looking for. I am particularly interested =
in the Army horse from the late 1800's and in the Crabbet, Maynesboro =
& Kellogg animals that I have found I like. So my list of books below =
includes mostly materials about these bloodlines. A good bookseller =
of Arabian books is

Suzen Whitaker
Red Horse Book Shop
Innesfree Farm
3338 Anti-Bantam Clover Road
Bethel, OH 45106

(513) 734-4713

I've bought a number of books from her including some rare ones that =
are most helpful in looking at breeding plans. The history of the =
army horses is where I've found some of the most useful pedigree =

Here are a few of the books I've found helpful in defining my own =
breeding program. They are in no particular order.

Sharon Byford
Arabian A Guide for Owners, The

Rick Synowski
CMK Heritage Catalogue, The
CMK Heritage Catalogue Volume II, The
CMK Heritage Catalogue Volume III, The

Carol June Woodbridge Mulder
Imported Foundation Stock of North American Arabian
Horses Volume 1 (Registration Numbers 1-82)
Imported Foundation Stock of North American Arabian
Horses Volume 2 (Registration Numbers 111-326)

Sir James Penn Boucaut
Arab, The Horse of the Future, The
Arab Horse The Thoroughbred and the Turf, The

Cecil Covey, Colin Pearson and Rosemary Archer
Crabbet Arabian Stud Its History & Influence, The

Deirdre Hyde
40 Years of British Arab Horse Champions 1953=AD1992

Georgia Cheer
Crabbet Influence Collectors Edition Volume I
Crabbet Influence Collectors Edition Volume II
Crabbet Influence Collectors Edition Volume III

Lady Anne Blunt
Edited by Rosemary Archer & James Flemion
Journals and Correspondence 1878-1917

Rosemary Archer
Arabian Horse, The
Catalogue of Arabians in Great Britain Descending from
G.S.B. Registered Horses, A
General Stud Book and Old English Arabians Breeders
Directory 1994

World Symposium on Crabbet Breeding Reference Book, The

Spencer Borden
Arab Horse, The
Arab Horses and the Crabbet Stud

Herbert H. Reese
Kellogg Arabians, The

W.R. Brown
1927 Maynesboro Stud Book
Horse of the Desert, The

Peter Upton
Classic Arab Horse, The

Homer Davenport
Annotated Quest, The annot. by Charles and Jeanne Craver
Davenport's Arabians

Sir Walter Gilbey
Horse Breeding in England and India and Army Horses Abroad

Wentworth Tellington and Linda Tellington-Jones
Endurance and Competitive Trail Riding

Ann Hyland
Endurance Riding

ANyway I hope that helps.

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