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C.M.Newell (reshan@deyr.ultranet.com)
Thu, 25 Jul 1996 12:50:58 -0400 (EDT)

>I remember reading on one of the UK horse magazines that America had "Pinto
>Arabians". Firstly is this true and secondly are they registered with the
>Arab Horse Society or do they have their own Studbook.

There are a number of purebred Arabians which have sufficient white
markings to be accepted by the Amreican Pinto Horse Association. These
horses are also registered in the Arabian Horse Registry of Amreica Studbook.
Most of them, interestingly, are of Crabbet bloodlines, or other
equally "antique" pedigree. The one I know personally is a Davenport
stallion. This is somewhat ironic in light of the "horror" some folks seem
to have of belly spots on Arabians, since ,IMHO, it kinda reinforces the
connectioon with the desertbreds.
There are, of course, also a number of Pinto half-Arabians. They are
registered with the partbred studbook maintained by the International
Arabian Horse Association.

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