ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] toe dragging

Re: [endurance] toe dragging

Eugenie (oogiem@dsrtweyr.com)
Thu, 25 Jul 96 09:54:34 -0700

>Anyone had this problem or any ideas?
My first thoughts is to look for muscle weakness in the hinquarters. If
you can rule out any disease (like EPM or Lyme disease) then I'd start by
trotting over cavaletti to help build the muscles. Don't overdo it, a few
times over each riding lesson is enough to start. Check out Reiner
Klimke's book Cavaletti for details on how to use them to develop your
horses muscles. It almost sounds like he's being lazy and not picking up
his feet. That could be simply because he isn't strong enough to do it
after such a long layoff.

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