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Re: [endurance] equithotics durability

Fri, 12 Jul 1996 00:45:38 -0400

Equithoics SNEAKERS;
I have been getting 200 miles plus training. I get 2 shoeings. Sometimes 3.
Save the old ones for the rider shoer to carry.
I never lost one yet. Been using these for 4 years.


Danelle Kanavy used them on all four on FIRE for the ROC. He went great. The
shoes showed very little wear.

Val on CASH. started with steel and SHOCKTAMER pads. Was showing foot
soreness at 50 miles. Kirk Adkins the shoer/ inventer was at the ride and at
the check.
They put 2 on the front. Cash went out of the check with a big bounce.
Shocktamers pads may just not take the speed and the rocks.

Looks like these shoes, SNEAKERS have moved to the big time.

I have been telling eveyone for years these were the best way to go. Full
sole coverage, bar -heal support, NO pad used so the foot-sole stays *right*.
I will use them as much as I can. The NATRC rule is a MAJOR issue-problem for
Cannot safely switch back and forth between endurance and NATRC. I have to
use regular shoes, rim pads or SYLPNERS... OR use Easyboots over the
standard shoes for hard training and endurnace rides.
Always something to keep things interesting. MAYBE SOMEDAY NATRC will wake up
and drop some of these silly rules. They are LOOSING members and rides are
NOT filling.

Anyway, talk to your shoer very nice, tell him its a learing thing, and try

The ONLY issue I see is WET grass, they slip some. BUT so does steel with
padsm so we go slower on wet grass.


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