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[endurance] ROC Tales

Fri, 12 Jul 1996 00:45:06 -0400

We went to the ROC.
Met with many of the riders and *list* riders and of course customers.

There is NO ride in the US like the ROC. Where else can you see so many TOP
riders all racing together. The WEG will only have 13 US riders, here there
were 80+ of the best or better riders in the US.

This was my third ROC. Once @ #5 as a worker for Susan, #10 *The Last ROC* as
a corp sponsor. and this time #13 as a *VET CHECK* sponsor.
The ride has changed over the years. Not as BIG as it once was. Many sponsors
dont come back. There was a marked loss of worker support personal.
Noted problems and some situations that were not good.
Next year the event should be GREAT. The Fort Armstrong Club under the
direction of John Gray will give us the BEST ROC ever. It may not have the
super sponsor show, but it will be run very well and all bases will be
covered. They are a great team. They run two rides a year plus many shows.
The facilities are super. Club house. kitchen *FOOD*, showers, great camping,
hookups, super barns with BIG stalls amd lots of room. The trails are great.
I have ridden about 75 miles of the trail. IT will be a challenge. But the
ROC should be. It would be great to see the riders from the West come to this
ride. It will be very nice in Oct. Low temp and low humidity.
I will be there either as a sponsor or one of the workers.

What did I do at the ROC?
I was suppose to be VET2/5 sponsor. (we were). It was my plan to stay on
the mountian for the duration. Sometimes things dont go as planned.

We arrived Tues late in the day. Set up the booth and began checking out who
was there.
Val and Larry K were in place. Seems they did NOT have a full support pit
crew. Larry asked if I would crew for Val and Danelle. I and Tracy Ingram and
Virigina would take Vet 2/5 TUBBS flat and one or 2 of the flyby points.
Well, crewing is rough. There are enough issues to deal with with *normal*
riders. Add to that the stress of this team and you are in for a real effort.
It was stated by alcon, riders and Larry, they came to win. SO the stress to
do it right was more then self induced. Imagine, if you did something wrong
to cause them to loose..... I think I would still be up on Tubbs.
I was also to help the other NE riders and anyone else who need help, but Val
and Danelle come first.
Check 2 first time in we did not have it all together but they got out ok.
Most of it was a blur, just do what you know to do. The adrenaline was going.
I think they left in 4 th.
Went down the mtn to a flyby, took wrong turn, arrived at site, about 5 min
later they came in.
Lesson for flyby; must make sure the bucket is FULL. Heard about that one.
Just not use to the high speed hit and run racing.
Check 5
Shirley Delsart in first Val and Danelle about 30 second. The rush was on
here. They ended up 2 minutes behind. We were better origanized this time.
The stop went well.
Val wanted us to head for home, in case Larry failed to get there.
Had NOT planned on the finish line scene.

Arrived at finish. Set up a work area. Waited. Larry arrived about 5 minutes
before they came in. He and Mike T took over. Except we did take the horses
back to get them ready for the 10 min CRI. (after some finish line confusion)

The finish was ALMOST a disaster. They came in together. They tried to finish
a tie but FIRE does not like all the crowds etc, so he bolted away, bumped
CASH, Cash almost fell, but recovered. It was not appearent if either was
hurt, they were OK. A tense monent,
They both finished (completed) at the 10 MIN FEI CRI check.

It was a real rush crewing for these two. I have know them all for the past
20+ years.
Even though I know them, I sure did not want to create a problem. The ladies
can be rough but LARRY..!! its good they won.
It was a pleasure and a bit of an honor to be trusted to take care of these 2
super great horses. I am sure their super WEG crew will be back in full force
come Sept.

Shriley D had her problems. lost a shoe. Val waited but Shirley told her to
go on. The great race we though was going to happen did not, we will have to
wait till Kansas.

Maybe it was a blessing that Shirley lost the shoe. No down and out race, no
horses pushed to the limit, none hurt. AND Shirley did great by slowing down,
finished with an EasyBoot to take 3rd and Best Condition AERC and ROC. NICE
JOB Shirley.

The 2 riders from SE did fine both finished, Truman Prevat and Mary Ellen

Buy now everyone has seen the postings of who did what.
It was a tough trail, Congradulations to all. Including those that did not
get around.

Had a grand time. They made a video, should be interesting.
Nice to see and talk with all the riders and crews and some of the riders
from this list.

Thanks for all the support. A ROC sponsor does not do all that well...
everyone has all the goodies.

Hope to see many at Kansas. Its going to be a very interesting team GOLD and

Roger R