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[endurance] equithotics durability

Tina Hicks (hickst@puzzler.nichols.com)
Tue, 2 Jul 1996 12:26:18 -0500

At 9:10 AM 7/2/96, LONG JUDY wrote:
>Diane wrote:
>>Hope the Equithotics help...I'd like to know what you think of them.
>>Personally I can't see spending $90 just for shoes that may not make it
>>through 50 miles.
> A woman at our barn is using Equithotics (front only). She got 6
> weeks of training rides and one 50 mile endurance ride out of them and
> was able to reset them. From what I have seen, there is no problem
> making it through 50 plus miles.
I called the E. folks - they have customers getting a 100 mile ride *as
well as* conditioning *and* a reset out of a set!!! Course, this is all
dependent on terrain, how the horse travels, etc...but for someone that is
currently getting *new* front shoes every 3 - 4 weeks (pavement and
hard-packed dirt roads during a dry AL summer are a killer combination for
metal shoes :-<) and paying for borium on the back I'm willing to give them
a shot. The traction on the pavement is worth the $$$ to me - $90 is a
small price to pay if it keeps us from doing the splits since we move on
out on the pavement - not quite wide-open trot but by no means a ring trot,

I considered easyboots but pulling them off and on just for the days I was
gonna do pavement work didn't appeal to me since several times I have had
to have the shoer take off an e-boot cause I couldn't get the darn thing
off. I will let you guys know what I think of them...BTW, I am already very
pleased with their customer service and interest in answering questions.

can you use them on the front only??? I would think the thickness of them
would feel really strange to the horse if they were only on the front.

embers (anxiously awaiting his new tennies...)