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Re: [endurance] The Quilty

Linda Flemmer (CVLNURS@CHKD-7.evms.edu)
Tue, 02 Jul 1996 10:15:19 -0500 (EST)


You wrote:

> Best Conditioned Horse went to Sharahd Caprice, with Best
> Managed Horse going to Suruk (heart rates of 40, 44, 44, and 42 after each
> leg repectively.

How is the Best Managed horse & rider team chosen? That is not an
award that I'm familiar with here on the East coast of the USA. Best
Conditioned is the usual award other than Top Ten & perhaps awards in
the weight & breed divisions.

Appreciate any info you can send. Sounds like the riding for the
Quilty was great - a little of everthing this year to challenge the riders
& horses!

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