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Re: [endurance] electrolytes

Wed, 10 Jul 1996 11:17:48 -0400

The Perf and Win electrolytes is working quite well with my picky eating
mare.. She is up to the *normal* dose in her feed... the ONLY electrolyte she
will eat..SO as in Betsy's situation.. we just MAY be able to get by this
NATRC rule..and keep my horse well hydrated. The BIG test will be in Aug
..will try the VA Highlands 3-day-100.
I am also going to try to add the product to a small amount of feed, carried
in the saddle pack, then at the mid point stop, add some applesauce ( carried
in those small sealed cups). and hope she takes it.. will test this week. I
did hear one comment from a high end rider..the stuff did NOT appear to keep
one horse as well hydrated as an other product (Enduralytes)..of course this
horse was going full out on a fast 50...Should work quite well for a slower
This has to be better then the other products..my 2 horses just wont eat the
feed or drink water with the standard electrolytes I use (Enduralytes).
So they should do much better on the Perform and Win product. and yes..it
is COSTLY.. Hopefully Buckeye will pickup sales and get the price down.

We have been in touch with Buckeye.. to set us up as a dealer (retail).
So if all goes well we may be carring this very new product by next month.

Regards Roger