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[endurance] electrolytes

Betsy O'Shea (boshea@magic1.org)
Tue, 02 Jul 1996 06:20:16 -0600

Perform'N Win are available from Buckeye Feed Mills, PO box 505, Dalton,
Ohio 44618. tel 1-800 898-9467. They are based on the research done by Gayle
Ecker, et al at the Equine Research Center, Univ. of Guelph. Lynn Taylor (on
the list) suggested it for my horse because of the great difficulty I am
have getting adequate electrolytes into my horse without drenching (the
NATRC rule). Lynn tasted them at Rolex this year and said they were yummy
and she thought my horse might eat them. VERY<VERY PRICEY. But nothing else
works with my horse because he eats around electrolytes. These electrolytes
are water soluble, pass through the stomach and are thus quickly available
to the horse. They are put in the drinking water . I spoke to Gayle who
told me I could use them topically in the feed, or whatever he will eat ,
the difference being that it takes longer for them to absorb because they
go to the stomach first. This is working well for my horse and I now am much
more at ease with the electrolyte situation, knowing that I am finally able
to get him to take an adequate amount (without drenching). Oh - Buckeye
takes credit cards too and they are ordered by mail - great service, fast
and helpful. They are the ones who had Gayle call me because I couldn't get
my horse to take them in the water because his primary source of water is a
pound in his pasture. I don't work for Buckeye, no kickback coming. :-)
Betsy O'Shea and Afterglow