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[endurance] Update & Summary of LMF replies

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Tue, 9 Jul 1996 23:53:53 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all! Just thought I'd let ya know what's going on with Special, and
what people had to say.

I had 19 replies to my question. 9- were definite "take her off the
feed." 4- were "I feed LMF and have never had a problem." 6- were mixed
"don't know, don't feed LMF" & "It's probably not the feed". Of the
people who said that their horses had problems with LMF, several said that
if they feed it at all, they feed it in -very small- quantities to -very
hard- working horses.

Special had her last ration (1-1 1/2 lbs.) of the LMF Sunday AM. (She was
an absolute nutcase for that ride!) Monday evening I lunged her. She was
very calm and friendly. My husband said "looks like you've got your horse
back." But I told him I was reserving judgement till I got on her. This
evening (tuesday) I lunged her and then rode her for 1/2 and hour in the
arena. She was -beautiful-. Calm, friendly, cooperative, she actually
has a brain! <<bg>> The big test will be when I take her back out on
the trail.... FWIW--When kids have food allergies, they can become hyper,
violent, have difficulty concentrating, etc. It's possible that there's
just some ingredient (or combination of ingredients) that her system
doesn't tolerate. I got several messages from people who are very
happy with the LMF. And I personally know someone who feeds it to
both of her endurance horses and -loves- it. It sure did the trick
with putting weight on Special (along with free choice hay, 2 C. corn oil
& 3 C. rice bran daily) Right now she's on grass hay only. When I put
her back into conditioning, I will slowly add back in some LMF (up to 3 lbs
daily), and see if it again causes a problem. I hate to sound optimistic,
but it looks like I've got my old horse back.... ;-)

Thanks for the input everybody!
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