ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] Nuts with Guns or should we forcefeed Prozac to these guys instead!

Re: [endurance] Nuts with Guns or should we forcefeed Prozac to these guys instead!

Samm C Bartee (bartesc@mail.auburn.edu)
Mon, 15 Jan 1996 14:46:53 -0600 (CST)

I am with you Tommy. Where I do most of my riding, there is a shooting
range. That hasn't kept me, however, from nearly being shot by people
shooting in an area not for shooting, and they were shooting directly
into the horse trail!! Luckily, they were not very good shots, and when
we popped into the clearing and the shooters saw us, they nearly
fainted. Well, not being very level headed when a huge burst of
adrenelin suddenly kicks in, I let these guys have a very large piece of
my mind. I told them that the shooting range was less than 100 yds from
where they were shooting, etc. After we left, my husband questioned my
sanity, and then told me that I should be more careful how I talked to
people armed with big guns!! Since that time, I still let people know
how I feel about them shooting into the horse trail, and then walk away
saying a prayer that I don't get shot in the back. Most are not aware
that it is illegal to shoot where they are, and some don't know that
there is even a shooting range or that they are shooting into a horse
trail. We are currently working on that!! But some really cool
individuals just simply don't give a $#^%. It is a very illuminating
thing to realize that you could go out to ride and have fun, and wind up
dead because some dumb rednecks were bored at home, decided to have a six
pack and ride down the road to shoot at anything that moves!!! All of
the bells, loud clothing, and singing doesn't seem to matter. They just
keep on shooting. The other thing that I love is the people that want to
honk and rev the engine of their vehicle to see how the horses act. I
love to see that smirk of gratification when my horse jumps forward. I
think that one day, I would like to see that same smirk when some poor
horse with a kid on it jumps through that idiots windshield and destroys
the expensive vehicle that he is driving. I don't even want to go into
what will happen to the horse and rider. That is a scary thought. More
education? I doubt that that will work. I just am sorry that there
doesn't seem to be an answer to any of the *idiot* problems.

sorry about the soapbox