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Re: [endurance] night rides

Karen Steenhof (ksteenho@eagle.idbsu.edu)
21 Sep 1995 08:41:31 -0600

In <199509190644.XAA09745@ix7.ix.netcom.com>, Sallijan Snyder wrote:
>Pam Haynes wrote, regarding 25-mile rides:
>>One last word about distance: Karen Steenhof managed a night ride last
>>summer, which had a modest showing of 25's and 50's. Her 9 mile trail ride
>>attracted 91 riders. This year our local club said to heck with the
>>endurance ride and sponsored just the moonlight trail ride. We had 124
>>riders and *cleared* over $1,000. There may be no glory in trail riding but
>>it sure padded our bank account this year!
>Pam, I'd love to know what your club does in terms of length of ride,
>pre-/post-ride activities, etc. How much do you charge? What are your

Our trail ride this year was 9 miles. We had a few requests for a
shorter alternative (5-6 mile ride) which we may consider next year.
People started the ride between 9pm and 10:30 p.m., and everyone was
finished shortly after midnight. It wasn't over too soon for those of
us who are not night owls!!!

We had a chili feed after the ride and gave out certificates. The
certificates were time consuming to prepare so next year I'm thinking
of something simpler like a pin.

We charged $12 per person. We put up flyers in tack stores, sent
flyers to previous participants and club presidents, and stuffed
flyers in rigs parked in the nearby riding area. We also advertised
it at our local horse expo.

Our ride was on private land so we had no permit fees. We had a
portapotty ($100 or so) and we had insurance expenses ($135). The
glow sticks for 9 miles cost about $60, and we had the usual expenses
for conventional marking (ribbon, lime, lath). There were also food
expenses--bringing the total expenses to about $500. Club members
donated stoves, lights, generators, water tanks etc.

It sounds like your ride could be alot of fun. Good luck!

Karen Steenhof