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Re: [endurance] night rides

Pam Haynes (phaynes@RMCI.NET)
Thu, 21 Sep 95 13:57:26 -0500

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Sorry to be so slow in replying with respect to your questions about our
night trail ride.

We tried to keep it simple. We marked out a 9 mile loop, using ribbon, lime
and glow sticks every 1/4 mile. Each person registered and paid a $12 entry
fee. Riders could start anytime between 9 and 10. Each rider was given a
numbered index card, which they turned in at the end of the ride for chili.
Each rider received a completion certificate. We had a radio checkpoint
where they called out their numbers and they gave their numbers again at the
"finish line". We did have some people slip through without paying, so next
year we will check people in at the gate into the field where we were parked
. We were pretty well finished by 1:30 a.m.

Expenses include Port-A-Potty, insurance, glow sticks and food. We did not
have to pay for permits, as the ride was on private land.

Heavy advertising is a must. This includes putting up flyers at tack and
feed stores, veterinarians' offices and doing heavy mailing to local clubs
and asking them to put it in their newsletter. We also put an announcement
in the local newspapers in the outdoor recreation section. Next year we
will do a mailing to all of this year's riders.

Problems this year include a few complaints about the length of the trail
(if you can imagine--some people thought it was too long!) and even though
it was July, it was chilly and very windy up on the ridge. However, for the
most part people seemed very pleased.

One of the club members made mass quantities of chili, although last year we
bought several gallons at the local CostCo (Price Club). We had pre-grated
cheese, chopped onions and crackers. Don't forget garbage cans and lots of
big plastic bags. We also have a very organized, experienced ride secretary
to handle the entries.

Hope this helps!