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Re: [endurance] night rides

Sallijan Snyder (sallijan@ix.netcom.com)
Fri, 22 Sep 1995 22:55:48 -0700

Thanks Pam and Karen for the details on your ride. Most of our rides
are done in public parks, but we have 2-3 each year on private ranches.
Two of these are weekend campovers, so now I'm wondering if we could
incorporate a night ride in one of these events next year. I'll have
to talk to the ranch owners and other club members who've been there
often. Something to think about, anyway!

I particularly like the idea of marking trails and letting people go at
their own pace. We wouldn't necessarily have to mark trails in the
parks, as they are already pretty well signed, but a few strategically
placed glowsticks at junctions wouldn't hurt. :-)

I also like giving out ride certificates. I don't consider these a
major hassle as I have a good desktop publishing program at home. :-)
Hand calligraphy on the names wouldn't be too bad if one wanted to do
that part by hand.

I assume your late start was dictated by time of best moonlight? This
year we started about 1/2 hour before moonrise. Okay for a guided
ride, but too dark to turn loose anyone who didn't know the trails.


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