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[endurance] Las Trampas Ride

Val Weizer (Val_Weizer@qm.sri.com)
19 Sep 1995 17:29:56 -0700

REGARDING Las Trampas Ride

Had a good time at the Las Trampas ride last weekend. The weathor was great
it stayed cool all weekend. Unfortunatly some of the trail markers were
removed from the intersections. This caused a lot of confusion. We (my other
half and I) did the 25 on our ARABS I know you just dont know what a 16.2 hand
arab looks like, ok so they are only 3/4 arabs. I looked around for other @
members and was not successful. Probably due to my tired state. Looking
foreward to the Lake Sonoma ride in Oct. If anyone is interested in either
the Quicksilver Endurence Club or the Ride they are doing on Oct. 14 wich will
be at Grant Ranch in San Jose, Ca. 25 and 50 miles, just ask me. They are
looking for members for the club, riders for the ride, and of course
volunteers to help with the ride.

Val, Cupertino Ca.