ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] NA results

[endurance] NA results

Stephanie Teeter (step@fsr.com)
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 16:54:58 +0800

Whew! Got home from AZ last night - just now able to send off the NA results.
Couldn't log on last night, and spent the last 8 hours catching up
at the office and reading my 250 email messages!

Here's the results:

Team winners:

Gold: US Pacific North:
(Marcia Smith, Chris Knoch, Ona Lawrence, Jim Brown)

Silver: US Central
(Nina Warren, Melissa Crain, Jan Worthington, Audrey Gehrig)
*All 6 of the central riders finished, 4 in the top ten!

Bronze: US East
(Valerie Kanavy, Stephen Rojek, Lois McAfee,..)

BC: Marcia Smith, On a High

Individual Placement: (subtract 2:35 from finish time for actual ride time)

1 Marcia Smith 12:33:11 On a High
2 Chris Knoch 12:33:12 NV Fifth Avenue
3 Valerie Kanavy 12:54:02 Pieraz
4 Stephen Rojek 12:54:19 MR Perigrine Hawk
5 Nina Warren 13:06 Desert Ballad
6 Mellissa Crain 13:07 Whoa Jack
7 Shirley Delsart 13:22 KJ Destination
8 Jan Worthington 13:49 LM Mastermind
9 Audrey Gehrig 13:50 Czar Louis
10 Ona Lawrence 13:52:38 Dandy McCoy
11 Patricia Murray 13:52:56 Mojave
12 June Peterson 14:23:00 Zia
13 Carrie Miracle 14:39:10 Royal Looks Ruby
14 Julie Phair 14:39:14 GR Country Royal
15 Susie Morril 14:39:28 McFyre Flight
16 Lois McAfee 14:48 BA Rhett Butler
17 Jim Rogen 15:01 WJ Beezar
18 Russel Broussard 15:32:21 Werber's Sensation
19 Lynda Correy 15:32:25 Baskhari
20 Don Jacobs 15:40 Brioso
21 Barbara Cameron 15:53 Zoneyna
22 Jim Brown 16:39 NL Starfire
23 Jerry Barfield 17:21 SA Dust Devil
24 Linda Riley 17:22 Sunburst Racazon
25 Theresa McHugh 17:27:51 Spring Nevada
26 Barrie Grant 17:27:54 Zec Rullah
27 Clydea Hastie 17:27:55 Suskario HCC
28 Kathy Thorne 17:27:57 Rey Der
29 Juliet Moss 17:28 Shiko's Tamar
30 Holly Ulate 17:45 Beztaz
31 Cathy Leaver 17:45:03 Caravels Taos
32 Howard Harris 17:45:49 Rushcreek Rosita
33 Kayla Cameron 18:25 Bay Gazel
34 Carol Seiner 18:43 Al Marah Royal Fool
35 Belina Koehn 19:08:50 Gero
36 Cherly Winter 19:08:52 Rifraffs Raison
37 Debby Lyon 19:09:01 Sheihk Isa
38 Diane Bickers 19:09:02 Pars Turbo Gin
39 Linde Grant 21:29 Luci

12 Pulls. 4 rider option, 5 lameness, 3 metabolic

The last rider, Linde Grant stopped along the trail to help Barbara Holmes,
whose horse fell on her in the rocks. Barbara was taken to the
hospital. Her leg was badly bruised but not broken. Her horse had some
minor scrapes. Linde got a standing ovation at the awards ceremony.

The only other mishap was when 2 women sat on a log, which also happened
to be a yellowjacket nest! Apparently the bees were merciless - I'm
not sure if a trip to the hospital followed ..

It rained (and hailed in some places) for several hours in the afternoon,
thunder, lightning, the whole works. Some of the late night riders
commented on the smouldering trees along the trail - several fires
had started during the storm.

Marcia Smith and Chris Knoch did a pre-arranged sprint for the
finish - trotted in until they reached a marker and then did
a 100 yard sprint. Pretty decent arrangement.

A good time - and I got to meet a lot of folks from the internet group.
Now the @`s have faces.

Steph Teeter